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Conserv Wireless Environmental Monitoring

Saves you time & saves your collection

We’d like to introduce you to Conserv, a next-gen environmental monitoring system developed by conservators specifically for preservation.

Why Conserv? Because environmental monitoring is critical for preservation, but it can also be time-consuming and complicated. We’ve partnered exclusively with Conserv because their subscription-based, wireless system makes it simple, saving you time and saving your collection.

The Conserv system is designed to make your job easier, allowing you to monitor the environment of your collections in any part of your institution from one place, even while working remotely. We know you’re going to love it.
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Less steps, more time to get things done

The Conserv system was developed by conservators to give you the environmental data you need, quickly, easily and accurately. Monitor data and get alerts in real time, wherever you are, without any manual collection.

Traditional, non-wireless monitors require an average of 45 minutes a month per sensor to manually collect and organize data. If you have five sensors, that’s nearly four hours a month. Automated data collection can save even a small museum almost $1,000 a year. Your time = money.

And that’s not even counting the time you’ll save replacing batteries—Conserv does it for you every 3 years, which is all these sensors need—and the time you’ll save analyzing and reporting on your data with intuitive software that lets you work from anywhere.

A Conserv subscription includes everything you need to make environmental monitoring simple:

Gateway router icon

Plug-and-play gateway and wireless sensors for setup in minutes

Crossing wrench and screwdriver

Recalibration and maintenance, including battery replacement—never worry about replacing batteries again

Digital cloud icon

Cloud-based software that makes monitoring, data analysis and reporting easy—from anywhere

Bug icon

Integrated Pest Management tool, so all of your environmental data is in one place

Computer refreshing icon

Regular software enhancements to keep you on the cutting-edge

Person wearing customer service headset icon

Customer support from Conserv’s team of professional conservators

Sensors Designed for Preservation

White square environmental control sensor

Smart Collections Sensor >

  • Conserv’s Smart Sensors monitor critical environmental conditions: temperature, humidity and illuminance/UV index.

  • The Smart Sensor was designed specifically for preservation, so you get the functionality and accuracy you need.

  • To ensure accuracy and reliability, your subscription includes sensor recalibration and battery replacement every 3 years.

Temperature icon
±0.2° C, -40° to 85° C
Water drop icon
Relative Humidity
±2%, 0-100%
Sun icon
1-64K lux; UV index

Specialty Sensors

Rectangular sensor for outdoor use

Outdoor Sensor

Bring in data specific to the temperature and relative humidity levels outside your institution.

Rectangular box connected to water sensor with two metal prongs

Leak Detection Sensor

Get real-time notifications when the metal prongs get wet/moist.

Beige rectangular sensor

Cold Storage Sensor

Monitor temperature and humidity in freezers to ensure optimal cold storage conditions.

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Unparalleled setup simplicity

Simply plug the gateway into a wall outlet, remove the tabs from your sensors and instantly start collecting data.

If your building has cellular coverage, the Conserv Gateway has a built-in SIM card that automatically connects via cellular data (at no additional cost). Using cellular data keeps the system separate from your organization’s network—no tricky IT setup or policies to navigate. And since the gateway has a 4-hour built-in battery backup, you can keep monitoring even during power and internet outages using cellular data. If your cell coverage isn’t great, no problem; the gateway also offers an Ethernet connection.

2022-06-29 14.54.32-2

Simply plug in the Conserv Gateway
to a power source

2022-06-29 15.14.22-2

Remove the tabs from the
Smart Sensors

2022-06-29 15.18.22-2

Stick sensors to metal surfaces using the built-in magnets or adhere to walls and other surfaces using the included Command™ Strips

2022-06-29 14.49.51-2_Screen

View real-time results through
the Conserv Cloud

It’s not Wi-Fi, it’s not Bluetooth—it’s LoRaWAN

Conserv uses a Long-Range Wide Area Network to wirelessly connect your monitoring sensors to the gateway, where your data is uploaded to and accessible from the Conserv Cloud. LoRaWAN can transmit through walls and floors, even concrete, which means you can plan your sensor locations around your collection’s needs and not the range of your Wi-Fi router.

And unlike Wi-Fi devices, batteries in LoRaWAN devices can run for 4+ years. Conserv will send you brand new sensors that are freshly calibrated with new batteries every 3 years, so your days of replacing batteries are over. You send back the old sensors so Conserv can refurbish, recycle, and redeploy them!

Building graphic showing gateway and sensor locations
Conserv cloud showing on computer monitor with cellphone showing app and sensor

Data that simply makes sense,
anywhere, anytime

Developed by conservators, Conserv’s environmental monitoring dashboard synthesizes and interprets data for you, making it actionable and easy to report. The cloud-based app lets your team access your data anywhere, no matter where they are or where your collection is.

Before signing up for Conserv you’ll have an in-depth consultation that assesses your institution, your collections, and the challenges your staff currently faces. When you subscribe, you’ll have a personalized onboarding with a conservator that takes into consideration your specific needs. You’ll also have the help of the Conserv Community, which includes conservators and preservation specialists from all over the world, where you can field questions related to preventive conservation and specific questions related to your data.

Magnifying glass icon

Check your KPIs at a glance on your phone or web browser—perfect for remote monitoring

Ringing bell icon

Receive alerts when measurements go outside of set parameters

Notepad with pencil icon

Add event notes to contextualize readings (e.g., power outage, weather, HVAC issues)

Report icon

Create performance and facility reports and easily share them with your team

Your one-stop shop for data,
including Integrated Pest Management

Conserv software even lets you upload environmental data from your legacy devices for continued use or historical data.

It also has an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) tool to give you a complete picture of your preservation environment all in one place. Upload images of pests you’ve found and identify them using the built-in collections pest database powered by

Conserv is all about making your job easier because they know how hard you work.

Screenshot of pest management info

Ready to save time?

Get a FREE consultation for a Conserv system that’s completely customized to your institution, your collection and your needs.

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