Definitive Guide to Environmental Monitoring

Definitive Guide to Environmental Monitoring

All you need to know about environmental monitoring, straight from the experts!

Your Collections, Your Responsibility

Mold remediation is costly, temperature fluctuations can wreak havoc, and light damage is irreversible. Your collections are your responsibility, and environmental monitoring is critical to their preservation. Ensure the safety of your collections. Stop damage before it happens.

Table of Contents

Part I

  • The Definitive Guide to Environmental Monitoring, An Introduction - Austin Senseman
  • A Short History of Preventative Conservation - Allison Lewis
  • Evolution of Monitoring Technology - Christopher Cameron
  • Defining Environmental Monitoring Goals - Christopher Cameron
  • Environmental Monitoring Standards - Maria Bastidas-Spence and Angélica Isa Adaniya

Part II

  • Introducing the Agents of Deterioration - Jane Henderson
  • Agents of Deterioration: Relative Humidity and Temperature - Jane Henderson
  • Agents of Deterioration: Light - Jenny Mathiasson
  • Agents of Deterioration: Water - Maddie Cooper


  • Environmental Data: The Big Picture - Linda Endersby
  • Environmental Data Collection - Linda Endersby
  • Environmental Data Analysis - Nicole Grabow
  • Environmental Data Reports - Nicole Grabow


  • Improving Your Environment - Nathan Saxton
  • The Team Approach - Nathan Saxton
  • Environmental Control for Collections - Christopher Cameron
  • Funding Your Environmental Monitoring Program - Maddie Cooper
  • Final Wrap-up - Austin Senseman

What is Environmental Monitoring? Webinar

Join conservator Allison Lewis for this overview to get started monitoring the environment of your institution.

Originally presented 9/8/22



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