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Preservation Webinar Series

In this popular webinar series, cultural heritage preservation consultant Rebecca Elder walks us through the basics of preserving a variety of objects.  This series is appropriate for amateurs and professionals!

Book Preservation 101 Webinar Recording
Photo Preservation 101 Webinar Recording

Book Preservation 101

Books are carriers of knowledge, cultural identity, tradition, historical documentation and artistic expression, and they require special care to endure.

Originally presented 2/15/24

Photo Preservation 101

Our visual history is often captured on materials that are prone to deterioration. Learn to preserve photographic memories in a snap.

Originally presented 11/16/23

Document Preservation 101 Webinar Recording
Preservation 101 Webinar Recording

Document Preservation 101

Take a page from cultural heritage preservation consultant Rebecca Elder and learn to preserve documents and more.

Originally presented 9/7/23

Preservation 101

Join us for this overview of everything you need to know to properly preserve your collections.

Originally presented 7/20/23

Other Webinars

Accessibility Beyond ADA
Proactive Preservation

Accessibility Beyond ADA

Learn how to create more inclusive exhibit spaces with exhibit designer Peter Hyde beyond ADA requirements.

Originally presented 6/13/24

Proactive Preservation

Learn how to prepare your institution and collections for emergencies with cultural heritage preservation consultant Rebecca Elder.

Originally presented 5/2/24

Rising to the Challenge
Exhibit Planning 101

Rising to the Challenge

Join curator Nicholas West as he covers how to approach difficult subjects in exhibitions.

Originally presented 4/18/24

Exhibit Planning 101

Exhibit & experience designer Peter Hyde, along with Michelle Keib from Gaylord Archival, cover putting a collection in display from start to finish in 6 easy steps.

Originally presented 10/3/23

What is Environmental Monitoring?
Do You Know Your Risks?
Don't Be Bugged by Pests

What Is Environmental Monitoring?

Join conservator Allison Lewis for this overview to get started monitoring the environment of your institution.

Originally presented 9/8/22

Do You Know Your Risks?

Join cultural heritage consultant Jeanne Drewes, formerly of the Library of Congress, for this eye-opening overview on identifying and mitigating potential risks at your institution.

Originally presented 1/26/23

Don't Be Bugged By Pests

Do you want to implement an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) program at your institution, but aren't sure where to start? Join conservator Allison Lewis to learn what IPM is and why it's important.
Originally presented 4/13/23

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