Rising to the Challenge Webinar Recording Now Available

If you weren't able to catch our enlightening webinar, "Rising to the Challenge: Strategies for Tackling Tough Subjects in Exhibitions," featuring curator Nicholas West, don't worry - the recording is now available!

Topics Discussed

  • Developing a Plan

    • Who gets to tell the stories in our spaces?
    • Who is centered as the "expert"?
    • Who has access to collections & exhibitions?
    • How can we leverage collections & exhibitions to strengthen relationships?
  • Case Studies

    • Living Legends: The Indigenous Art of Storytelling
    • Rounds: Cannupa Hanska Luger
    • A Wicked Commerce: The US and the Atlantic Slave Trade Through The Lens of William Earle Williams
    • Nona Faustine: White Shoes
    • "...sometimes the aftermath is the storm." Deborah Jack
  • Takeaways

    • Lessons Learned
    • Opportunities & Challenges
    • Integrating Inclusive Exhibition Practice

Originally presented 4/18/24

Links for artists discussed
Nicholas's recommended resources

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