Photo Preservation 101 Webinar Recording

Photo Preservation 101 Webinar Recording

If you were unable to attend our popular webinar on photo preservation with cultural heritage professional, Rebecca Elder, you're in luck! The recording is now available!

Topics We Discussed

Understanding Photo Structure

We discussed the three parts of photographic prints and negatives and how each part influences the stability of photographs.

Types of Prints

There are a wide variety of print types and Rebecca discusses each one including how the print is made and its common vulnerabilities. Rebecca recommends Graphic Atlas for assistance in identifying the print type.

Handling Tips

Did you know that proper handling is critical to ensuring the long-term preservation of photographic materials? Rebecca provides helpful tips and tricks to help you handle photos like a pro.


Choosing storage solutions requires a compromise between what is ideal and what is feasible. Rebecca goes over:

  • Best practices for storage of a variety of photographic materials
  • Selecting storage materials that have passed the Photographic Activity Test (P.A.T.)
  • Role of using layers of protection to keep photos from becoming damaged
  • Preventing damage caused by light exposure and incorrect temperature & relative humidity
  • How to decide between paper or plastic enclosures
  • Is it safe to use photo albums?

Rebecca's Favorite Preservation Resources:
Guide to Collections Care from Gaylord Archival

Gaylord Archival®
Guide to Collections Care

Written by conservators, our illustrated primer covers the proper handling and storage of paper, photographs, textiles and books. This guide also includes the introduction to book repair featured in our Bookcraft Book Repair Guide.



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