Document Preservation 101 Webinar Recording

Document Preservation 101 Webinar Recording

If you missed our popular webinar on document preservation with cultural heritage professional Rebecca Elder, you're in luck! The recording is now available!

Topics We Discussed

How & Why Paper Deteriorates

The best way to predict how paper will deteriorate is to know how it was created. Rebecca provides a brief history of paper-making, including the materials used, and reviews the chemical processes that cause the deterioration of paper materials.


What should you look for when purchasing archival storage materials? What types of plastic are safe for document storage? Rebecca reviews the definitions of acid-free, lignin-free and alkaline-buffered materials and the best storage options based on the quantity and size of your documents.

Handling Tips

Should you handle documents with or without gloves? Rebecca discusses how to handle fragile documents safely.

Originally presented 9/7/23

Rebecca's Favorite Preservation Resources:
Guide to Collections Care from Gaylord Archival

Gaylord Archival®
Guide to Collections Care

Written by conservators, our illustrated primer covers the proper handling and storage of paper, photographs, textiles and books. This guide also includes the introduction to book repair featured in our Bookcraft Book Repair Guide.



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