Meet The Org: AIC (American Institute for Conservation)

The American Institute for Conservation (AIC) is a leading professional association for conservators and professionals who preserve cultural heritage. The AIC, representing over 3,500 individuals worldwide in science, art, and history, is not just a professional association. It's a global community united in the mission to preserve cultural heritage for future generations to learn from and appreciate. It is at the forefront of advancing conservation as a science, offering a wealth of resources for preservation enthusiasts, regardless of their level of knowledge.

FAIC, the Foundation for Advancement in Conservation, is more than just an organization. It's a catalyst for change, working tirelessly to advance conservation through education, research, and outreach initiatives. Its ultimate goal is to ignite a deeper appreciation of our rich global heritage, inspiring individuals to join the preservation movement.

One of the most crucial initiatives of AIC and FAIC is the National Heritage Responders program. This program has trained numerous conservators to be on the front lines, aiding institutions affected by natural disasters. In the face of calamities like Hurricane Maria, Superstorm Sandy, and the 2010 earthquakes in Haiti, their work underscores the urgency and significance of preservation efforts.

AIC Resources to Check Out

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