Book Preservation 101 Webinar Recording Now Available

Book Preservation 101 Webinar Recording Now Available

If you were unable to attend our popular webinar on book preservation with cultural heritage professional, Rebecca Elder, you're in luck! The recording is now available!

Topics We Discussed


What is a book?

We delved into the history of books, their construction, the various components comprising a book, and common issues they may face.

Importance of Environment

Maintaining an optimal storage environment is paramount for preserving your collection. Rebecca outlined the damaging effects of incorrect temperature, relative humidity, and light exposure on books, along with recommending ideal environmental conditions.

Shelving Guidelines

Rebecca provided insights into selecting suitable shelving units, proper book storage on shelves, and preferred types of storage boxes.

Handling Tips

Should we glove up or not? Rebecca has the answer! She offered valuable guidelines on safely handling books to prevent accidental damage and ensure secure transportation.

Cleaning Recommendations

Rebecca shared practical suggestions on the best methods for cleaning dirty books, emphasizing the importance of proper cleaning practices.

Exhibit Techniques

When it comes to exhibiting books safely, Rebecca outlined effective exhibition techniques that allow for display while minimizing the risk of damage.

Rebecca's Favorite Preservation Resources:
Guide to Collections Care from Gaylord Archival

Gaylord Archival®
Guide to Collections Care

Written by conservators, our illustrated primer covers the proper handling and storage of paper, photographs, textiles and books. This guide also includes the introduction to book repair featured in our Bookcraft Book Repair Guide.



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