Acid-Free vs Archival-Quality

Acid-Free vs Archival-Quality

Do you know why acid-free isn't enough on its own to protect your objects? A product being acid-free doesn't mean it won't cause damage to your photographs.

Your memories deserve archival-quality storage to last for generations to come.

Some of our most treasured memories are held in materials that are fragile and susceptible to damage and deterioration: paper, photographs and cloth.

Commercially available "acid-free" storage products can begin to degrade within just a few years, but archival-quality products provide protection that lasts generations.

What's so bad about acid & lignin anyway?

Acid and lignin naturally occur in paper products and cause chemical degradation. Archival-quality products are acid- and lignin-free. They may also contain a calcium carbonate buffering solution to neutralize acids and help your treasures last as long as possible. Learn more about buffered vs unbuffered materials.>

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