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Choosing the Right Photo Storage

Small collections of photos you want to store by group/person/event/etc Large volumes of photos you want stored together, safely
I want to be able to easily view and share them with others frequently > I just want to put them away and know they're safe, and maybe look at them once in awhile > I want to be able to easily view and share them with others frequently > I just want to put them away and know they're safe, and maybe look at them once in a while >

Small Collections of Photos


View & Share

Keep your photographs easily accessible and safely viewable by yourself and others with these album and frame options.


Gaylord Archival® Post-Bound Scrapbook Kit >

Looking to add some notes and arrange photos your own way? This scrapbook has everything you'll need to keep your photos safe and easily accessible.


Pioneer Leatherette 3-Ring Box Album >

This box album is a beautifully simple way to organize and share your family photographs. Can hold up to 50 landscape 4 x 6" photographs.



Canetti Original Magnetic Frame >

This simple acrylic frame can be displayed vertically or horizontally on a sturdy surface. Tiny magnets hold the panels together, securing your photo inside.

We recommend using photo reproductions or copies for display. This frame does not protect from UV damage.


Pioneer Leatherette Mini Photo Album >

This album is designed to hold up to 80 Instax or Polaroid credit card prints.

The leatherette cover has a frame to display a favorite photo.


Safe Storage

Tuck away those precious memories safely for future generations with these simple storage options.


GA® Shoebox-Style Photo Storage Kit >

Upgrade your photos from that shoebox they've been sitting in. This archival-quality version includes polyethylene envelopes and folder stock index cards for organization.

Photo Sizes Available:

  • 4 x 5"
  • 4 x 6"
  • 5 x 7"
  • 8 x 10"

GA® Flip-Top Photo Storage Kit >

For even smaller collections, this storage kit is the way to go. Slip each photo into the included polypropylene sleeves, then into the opaque thumb-cut envelopes.

Keep your collection organized by writing photo information on the white thumb-cut envelopes using a pencil.

Photo Sizes Available:

  • 4 x 5"
  • 5 x 7"
  • 8 x 10"

GA® Drop-Front Deep Lid Print Box >

Place your photos in primary enclosures and then store them in this print box. The deep lid protects from light and dust while the drop-front allows you to easily remove photos.

Larger photos and prints should be stored flat instead of upright. This spreads out the pressure across the whole photo, not just one edge.


GA® E-Flute Shallow Lid Multipurpose Box with DuraShield™ >

Sort and store your photos in this shallow lid box made from e-flute corrugated board with our exclusive DuraShield laminate that repels water and resists fingerprints and abrasion.

Photos can be stored flat or upright


Large Volumes of Photos


View & Share

With a large volume of photos, you'll want a solution that makes it quick and easy to organize your photographs for viewing.


GA® Photo Preservation Box Album Kit >

This solution is a quick and easy way to get your photos organized and put away.

The box album keeps light from damaging your photos and the polypropylene album pages keep your photos from fingerprints and smudges.

Includes pages to hold 4 x 6, 5 x 7, and 8 x 10" photos.


Perfect-Bound 500-Capacity Photo Album >

This high capacity album features heavy, acid-free cream-colored pages with page protectors that are split down the middle for easy loading of 4 x 6 photos.

The uncovered center strip features lined writing areas to add notes.


Leatherette Photo Album with Contrast Stitching >

Protect and display up to 300 of your 4 x 6" photographs. The 30 clear side-opening pages hold three landscape and two portrait photographs with a black mesh background.


Safe Storage

If you're the unofficial guardian of your family history and have inherited more photos than you can count, these kits make it easy to organize and preserve hundreds of photos quickly.


GA® High-Capacity Photo Box with Envelopes >

Sort and store up to 1,700 of your 4 x 6" photographs with the included photo envelopes. Corrugated dividers split the box into four quadrants for even more organization.


GA® Record Storage Starter Kit >

Organize your photographs up to 8 1/2 x 11" with this kit that includes a record storage carton, file folders and a spacer to keep everything upright.

Also available in half-sizes for smaller collections.

Storage Location


When storing your photographs, you want to keep them in a place that has a consistent temperature and humidity, as well as minimal light exposure. Interior rooms and closets are good options.

Locations such as attics, basements and garages should be avoided.

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