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We are exhibit
We are exhibit

We can take your collections from backroom to gallery with our complete selection of exhibit & display cases, supplies and accessories

What's Your Style?

What's Your Style?

Whether you’re shopping by aesthetics, form or function, we have an extensive variety of ready-to-shop case styles to meet your needs.


Want a Case as Unique as You Are?

Every case in our offering is made to order, and therefore is fully customizable. Need a special size? A different finish? Want to add humidity control, lighting, extra security or mobility? No problem. Your personal exhibit consultant can help you design cases to perfectly meet your collection’s needs.


Rotating image of an exhibit case showing different customization options





The Collection


Take note of the size and nature of your collection and consider how objects will be displayed or mounted inside the case.



Consider your current lighting conditions & any additions you may need to display your collection.

Access and Handling


Establish how often you will need to handle your exhibit to help determine key case features.



Decide on what security features will be necessary for your objects.

Environmental Considerations


Evaluate the environmental profile of your exhibit space & the sensitivity of your objects.

Need Help?

Whether it's your first time ordering a case or you simply need some extra help with your exhibition, we're here to guide you. Our exhibit consultants can help you handle factors you may not have considered:

  • Do you have a loading dock?
  • Will your case fit through that doorway/elevator/stairwell?
  • What is the traffic flow of your exhibit space like?
  • Do you need help installing your cases? 


Already Have the Exhibit Layout Planned?

Shop accessories that complete an immersive experience and maintain your beautiful installation.


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We Want to Help

At Gaylord Archival, we want to provide you with the best products, as well as the best resources to help you make informed decisions. Feel free to check out the related links below.

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Exhibit Planning 101: 6 Simple Steps for Success

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Exhibit Case Buyer's Guide

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Exhibit Case Buyer's Guide

Whether you’re designing a custom case from the ground up or choosing from our extensive selection of exclusive exhibit case designs, you have a lot of options. Some are stylistic while others are functional or related to conservation. Understand your options and find the perfect case for your exhibit.

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2023 Exhibit Brochure

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Free Downloadable CHECKLIST

Exhibit Planning Checklist

Download our fillable PDF spreadsheet and keep yourself on task—and on schedule—with all your exhibit planning needs. 


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